Complete SAT Study Guide:

You are thinking to sit for SAT, Right? A complete SAT study guide will help you to know the structure, marks distribution and preparation strategy for this test.

What is SAT?

This is a test taken by some high school students for the scouting colleges to determine those who are eligible to join then. The score range if between 600 to 2400 also equivalent to 36 points on the ACT. Not all colleges use SAT as a criterion to pick students for admission especially the highly ranged universities.  More to that, SAT was developed by the college board in the united states and it is one of the best way that colleges use to test high school students who are willing to join college. The test helps a student to show whether he or she has the ability to use skills learnt in class.

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What are the components of SAT?

This test consists of 800 points in each section where these sections includes: Critical reading, Mathematics, Critical writing. In each section, the student is expected to score above 500 points for you to reach the minimum final score which is 1500 points. The required average score is 1500 but in most cases, some schools accepts low rates. According to the past review, it has been indicated that the writing section has become a challenge to most students. You can sit for SAT for more than once if you feel that there is a chance for improvement. Some people might wonder what’s the perfect duration for studying SAT but the answer cannot be specific due to different reasons. however, the duration is determined by how fast you will understand the full content. In this case, you will learn how two months can make you achieve the best score in your SAT.

Resources and materials used during SAT preparation:

  • Official SAT study guide 2016 edition
  • Barron’s strategies and practice new NMSQT&PSAT

Two months’ preparation guide for SAT:

These two months might seem to be more than enough, of which you can get surprised by the test day. Starting immediately is the best strategy that a student should always consider. The following information will take you through a smooth and perfect journey that will help you in your SAT preparation.

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Week one:

Your schedule should start from Monday to Friday and let the weekend be your relaxing time. You should start your first day with a practice test. In this case, you will make yourself familiar with SAT and get to determine your weaknesses and strength. Since there are three major components in the SAT, it is easier to make your time table effective. Remember your first test is very important since it helps you schedule your studies in an effective manner.

Week one goals:

  • Start with a practice test and review your strength and weaknesses
  • Plan for your week and put most of your effort learning what SAT consists of
  • Grow your interest in the weakness pointed out
  • Establish a perfect strategy facilitate your studies
  • Set your score target

Week one timetable:

Practice test and reviewMath 2hrs Verbal 2hrsVerbal 2hrs Math 2hrsPractice test and reviewMath 3hrs

The time table above will help you get the concept in full. With the two practice test, it will be easier to make a perfect timetable on the following two weeks. Remember you must have a notebook to indicate the vocabularies and the math equations that seems challenging to you. Make sure you meet all your goals set that week or else your plan will not be effective at the end. Now that you have all the concept needed, dig deeper to the most challenging questions.

Week two and three:

Each week should remind you of the days left to the test and this will be a motivation while you go through your studies. This is the period where you should concentrate on the most difficult or challenging subsections for example, if math is becoming a nightmare to you, ensure that your time is often dedicated to it until you get to understand every content clearly. Note that, enough practice will perfect your scores.


  • Take more practice test (preferably timed)
  • Write an essay and take it to your tutor for feedback to improve your writing skills
  • Make sure you get a tutor or attend classes

Week two and three timetable:

Practice test and reviewMath 2hrs Write an essay  Revise the difficult question in the practice testVerbal 2hrs Math 2hrsMath 2hrs Verbal 2hrs

Note that this is just your own personal timetable. Remember that attending classes helps a lot by getting a chance to ask unclear questions. Make use of the resources you have by trying various test during the preparation period.

Week four:

The first month have come to an end and the big question is, have I covered enough? If you haven’t covered 55% of SAT syllabus, then you have to work harder during the second month. Also determine the effectiveness of the study strategy employed. If things are not working out, then you have to adjust your timetable and may be add time for your study. Summarize everything you have learnt during that month and tick all the challenging subsections that you have not understood yet.

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Month two:

Do not forget that this is the last month to the test. make use of the time and explore more to the resources and materials you have. Taking practice test from various sources is very important since you are able to come around various questions.

Week one to three:

These are the most critical weeks and not a single second should be waste during this period. Make sure you have covered and understood 98% of the SAT concept. Take more full practice test and know where you have left to revise within that period. Review each test and see whether you have reached your score target. Write more essays to improve on your critical writing. In this case you have to adjust your timetable.

Practice test and review Math3hrsPractice test and review Verbal 3hrsMath 3hrs Verbal 3hrs2 random practice testsVerbal 2hrs Math 2hrs

Week four:

This is your last week and in all cost you should keep off pressure. Your time table should be concentrating on the final reviews which should be from Monday to Friday that is, if the test is in the following Monday.

Day before the test:

This should be your resting day. Do not stress yourself in anyway and avoid too much work. Make sure you are healthy and feeling okay to avoid any discomfort during the test. This is the day where you keep every requirement for the test ready. Do not forget to sleep early to get enough sleep.

Test day:

Wake up early and take a healthy breakfast. Make sure all your requirements for the test are readily packed. The most important part is to arrive at the test destination early. Things to note during this big day:

  • Eat healthy
  • Pack all the test requirement
  • No studying
  • Arrive to the test destination early

Tips that will help you score high in your SAT:

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  1. Practice more

You have to practice more during your preparation period. Sparing more time will save you from getting surprised by the test. Moreover, it is just for a few weeks then you are done with stress. Attending classes and taking more random full practice test will improve your skills.

  • Be disciplined

Not many people follow up their timetables. Without discipline, you will not be able to cover everything on time. Studying may limit you from having fun which is why you have to work hard for the given time and score high to avoid repeating the test again until you reach the required points. Balance your studies to avoid failure in your test.

  • Spare more time

Time is an essential element in life. Time well spent make it easier for you in all ways. First, if you spend most of the time studying for the SAT it will be easier for you during the main test. Two months are just a few weeks and you must be committed.

  • Set a study timetable

Without a timetable you will not be able to cover everything needed for the test. Also time management will not be a problem since you have a timetable to follow. You should spend more time on your weaknesses for you to make some improvement. Do not let a single section lower your overall score.

  • Develop your study schedule

By doing more practice test, it is obvious there is improvement compared to the first week test. You will be required to go to another level as you continue reading and practicing. Developing your study schedule means for example, adding more time to your studies or making changes to your schedule.

  • Have a target

By writing down your target, you will be able to work harder since there is a motivation pushing you upwards. By doing full random practice test, you will be able know how far you have gone. Note, always set a target and work hard towards it.

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