IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 :

Besides of learning and understanding IELTS writing task 1, it is important for you to get a clear guideline of how to write down IELTS writing task 2. The steps will be discussed with a use of example that will lead you to have a better understanding. The Academic writing task 1 is not easy but most people find task 2 to be more challenging, which is why one should learn and gain the best skills in order to complete it in the right manner. In this article you will learn how to make your essay perfect by choosing and organizing the right questions that are likely to be there on the test day.


IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 comprises of five paragraph which must be written in a formal manner. Comparing it with task 1, this section should approximately take you 40 minutes’ utmost, while task one takes precisely 20 minutes. The question is, why does task 2 take more time compared to task 1?

  • Minimum word count: Task 2 should contain not less than 250 words while Task 1 should have not less than 150 words.
  • Required Points: Note, task 2 rely more towards your score. One should score about 2/3 out of the whole score on Task 2 and 1/3 on Task 1.
  • The plan of your response: You will require to apply more of your thoughts on Task 2 while answering the questions. On the case, Task 1 requires one to transfer visual information into writing.  

The key to a higher score in IETLS writing task 2 is to give the examiner nothing else but what they exactly want. Remember that you have just 40 minutes to deliver a minimum words of 250.

Five Steps That Will Help You Go Through IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Without Any Challenges

Analyzing your question:

Note that, in task 2 you need to concentrate on the question by applying your thoughts before writing down your answer. Understand the question clearly by thinking like the examiner. Students mess up when it comes to this section. To avoid such a mistake, identify the type of the question and the keywords used. It is also important to read and understand all the instructions provided for you to know exactly what the examiner is looking forward to in your answer.

Your score will be determined by the answer you deliver to the examiner. The essay at hand must be answered in response to the question given.  The key area to note is understanding and knowing what exactly the question is trying to derive. There are 5 common IELTS which include:

IELTS Academic Writing Task
Search Answer
  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Opinion which include Agree or Disagree
  • Discussion
  • Problem and Solution
  • Two-part question
  • Planning and organizing

In this case you will require to have a plan which can take up to 10 minutes of your time. For those who get the high scores in the test, take time to plan and organize ideas before putting them into writing. This technique reduces time wastage and help you write a clean and clear essay as required by the examiner. You cannot plan if you do not understand the question clearly. Some student rush into putting their ideas down without understanding what the examiner wants. The time given is limited and you have to make use of it by planning everything and organizing your ideas from the top all the way to the conclusion.

1st Paragraph- Introduction:

Every essay must have an introduction that informs the examiner of what to expect. The introduction should be brief since you will do the rest on the main body of your essay. The examiner will determine whether you have the right ideas right from the introduction you give. This is why you have to come up with the best introduction by answering the given question correctly and in a direct manner.


At this stage you will require to give the information in details. Every point provided must be supported with a clear explanation. Do no use irrelevant words, make sure you dwell on the keywords provided. Use of relevant examples can add you points. Make your work readable and understandable, the examiner has no time to re-read your work trying to grab your point.


Here you conclude by providing a summary of the essay. Some of the questions will require your opinion and this is where you give a conclusion of saying whether you agree or disagree. Be brief and straight forward. Capture the attention of the examiner by giving the strongest point you had analyzed. Note that, concluding with a weak point can make the examiner give you lowers score despite of making the body of your essay perfect.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2
Finalize Writing

Example question:

Good parenting skills will solve the increasing rate of crime in the society. Agree or disagree?


Parents are a part of a child’s life in which they should note their huge impact which can either be positive or negative. Children’s personality is based on the system used by the parent during their young age. Family environment should be conducive and favorable for the child to grow with a positive mind towards life. Without any doubt, parenting skills determines the children behavior towards the society. Several research has unleashed children growing up with no love from their parents hence leading to a lonely life that bring negative acts such as crime.

Many societies have no time to look into this topic because no one wants to hear that he or she is a bad parent. As a parent, communication is the key to bonding with the children where time and patience is required. Note that, bad parenting has made so many children lost their way of living hence engaging into criminal acts since they grow with negative thoughts towards the society. As the year grows old, juvenile crime cases tend to increase capturing the attention of so many people. The worst thing is, the society which is made up of these parents do not want to agree more about this concern.

The blame should be directed to the lifestyle that has taken over where parents have no time with their children. Should we put the blame on the parents or the increase in the standard of living where a parent has to wake up early for work and come back home late?

The absence of the parent has a great impact on the children nowadays considering the social media that has taken over the children’s mind. loneliness can lead an idle mind to do crazy things. Parents should always spare some time and connect with their children, in this case a child has an open mind making it easy for them to talk out their issues.  

For a peaceful society, every parent should play his or her part and should learn to communicate and interact with their children. I cannot agree less that, parents have not been playing their role as they should be. Crime cases starts from home with minor acts but later grow in to serious cases. With good parenting skills crimes reported will constantly decrease.


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